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Say Hello to Brad Nelms

NAME: Brad Nelms

DEPARTMENT: Used Asset Sales

BACKGROUND: With a heavy theatrical background, Brad started his career in the industry on the production side, primarily focusing on lighting and scenery, with formal training as a Technical Director.  After receiving his BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Northern Colorado, Brad shifted his focus to the support side of the industry as a Field Service Technician doing permanent installation work for lighting and rigging systems across the southeast.  He quickly worked his way up as a Project Manager, Systems Sales Rep, and Sales Manager.  He recently joined VER as the Manager of Used Asset Sales and is excited to get the opportunity to build a sales program for a company as amazing as VER.

CREDITS: Matt Swerdzewski for opening many doors, Frank Earley for cultivating an amazing learning environment, David Milly for taking a chance, Bill Groener for being an amazing mentor, and Dene Jolly for seeking me out

PIECE OF ADVICE: Don’t work to live, live for your work.  Amongst the chaos, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view.


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