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  1. Yamaha DME32 Digital Mixing Engine

    Ships from Tildonk, Belgium

    Yamaha DME32 Digital Mixing Engine DME32 audio systems, or configurations as they’re known in DME32 terminology, are built in an intuitive “block diagram” style using Yamaha’s dedicated DME Manager software. Building ...
  2. Sound Devices 788T-SSD 8 Input 12 Track Digital Audio Recorder

    Ships from Lavergne, TN, US

    $1,250 $500
    You save: $750 (60%)
    The 788T-SSD with its eight inputs, it is perfect for high track count applications ranging from over-the-shoulder reality-style production to cart-based drama production. Features eight high bandwidth, ultra-low noise microphone ...
  3. Prime Image Pipeline III Profanity Delay

    Ships from Orlando, FL, US

    Prime Image's Pipeline III provides an audio/video delay solution for HD or SD signals for the purpose of ensuring that live programming meets FCC regulations regarding profanity content suppression. The ...
  4. JBL VERTEC VT4880 VT4889-AF Speaker Hanging Hardware Package

    Ships from ORLANDO, FL, US

    SUSPENSION ACCESSORIES VT4889-AF Array Frame for suspending or ground stacking VTX-V25,VTX-S28, VT4889-1, VT4880, VT4880A enclosures. 2 frames available, priced individually and includes roadcase that can accomodate 4 frames with 2 ...
  5. Shure SCM-810 Auto Mixer

    Ships from Secaucus, NJ, US

    The SCM810 is designed specifically for installed sound applications.  This eight-channel automatic mixer features the Shure patented IntelliMix®, which activates only microphones being addressed, minimizing poor audio caused by multiple open ...
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